We specialize in attaching historical masonry units seismically to various types of back up walls. Since 1988, we have performed this method and a recent earthquake in the fall of 2000 in the Victoria, BC area tested the procedure. The Victoria High School withstood a 5.3 earthquake and the building remained stable with no apparent damage thereafter.

The method is cost effective, unintrusive and has been approved and stamped by architects and engineers. Numerous tests have been conducted on this procedure.

The method is unique and is proprietary. Information on the procedure is not released unless a confidentiality agreement is executed beforehand.

The projects this method has been used on are:

Victoria High School, Victoria, BC
Bay Street Armories, Defence Canada, Victoria, BC
Hillside Mall, Sears Canada, Victoria, BC
Dominon Building, Vancouver, BC
Marine Building, Vancouver, BC
Anchor Point, Vancouver, BC
Bentall Tower #1, Vancouver, BC

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